Until 21 June we are operating socially distanced bubble seating in the theatre.
To book a seat you must select ALL seats within that bubble.
If you get an error message it means you haven't booked ALL the seats in that bubble.
If there are no bubbles left of the size that you want please email telling us the number of seats you want and we can add you to a waiting list.
Thanks for your understanding.


Anglian Voices Playwriting Competition 2017 Update

We were delighted with the response to the competition and received more submissions than we had expected. Quite a few were from Young Adults, (those aged 24 and under). The oldest person submitting is 85  and the youngest, just 17. Well done all of you!

The plays are being read and evaluated at the moment, so at the end of this month we hope to be able to tell the 3 playwrights in each category who will be offered a half day workshop to develop their work further. These workshops should take place in the first week of April.  Writers will then have a fortnight or so to work on their play, re-submit and the winners in each age category will then be chosen.

We intend to offer feedback comments which we hope will be helpful to all who have submitted their work.

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