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Act Your Age

Release your natural creativity through the development of improvisation techniques, fun and the use of expressive theatre games. For most older people, age is the least interesting thing about us and we have plenty to say. These workshops will help you to release your inner artist, work creatively with other people and laugh a lot whilst working with industry professionals.

You know, I thought I was confident but going up on that stage and performing took me to another level. I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it – but I’m so proud – I’ve been walking on cloud nine since. I’m walking taller!

Meet old friends, make new friends and exercise your creativity as a part of this vibrant group meeting for a theatre workshop and to watch the occasional production together.

Whether you have acted before – or not – this group could be for you.

That was so nerve-wracking! I didn’t think I’d be so scared. I was a teacher in my former life so I’m used to standing up in front of people but that was on a different level. When I saw the audience walk in I thought – this is it now, no going back. I’m so glad I did it.

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