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Community Company

The Community Company is a theatre group meeting for a series of workshops with industry professionals and guest artists to create a new piece of theatre to take out into the community. Participants are encouraged to challenge themselves, to move beyond their current craft and apply their current skills to the creation of a new piece of theatre.

It’s a process of discovery based on acceptance of self, others and self-expression. I like it because it’s so exciting, so encouraging to see people grow and to stretch their own boundaries, how adventurous they (participants) can be and the creative qualities that are within them. The benefits are about discovering a positivity within self without fear of being wrong.
Howard, Workshop Assistant

We’re looking for anyone with a talent or interest in writing, dancing, acting, painting, singing, and anyone looking to try something new. These weekly workshops are about devising, writing, producing and performing a piece of original theatre based on the life stories and imaginations of the participants. With a diverse range of people and talent across the community taking part, this inclusive group is for beginners, professionals and everyone in between.

It’s a really nice mix of abilities even though people come from a different range of experience – when we are together it feels like we are all equal.

So, if you’re ready to let your creative juices flow and give back to the community, come along for a free trial! This isn’t just about acting, it’s for everyone who has something to say.

You don’t have to be good at acting and you don’t have to want to be an actor but as long as you want to have fun you should join a theatre group – there’s so many other things that come with it like confidence and social skills.

For more information or to book your free trial, contact

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