Community Ticketing

“We at Hope into Action Suffolk thank Theatre Royal kindly for the opportunity to send a family to the theatre who would otherwise not be able to go.”

Community Ticketing Recipient

Across our programme we look at ways in which we can gift tickets to members of our community:
– To remove barriers to attending events or participation activities at the theatre
– Facilitate the first step on the journey to accessing the positive benefits of engaging with the arts and becoming a regular theatre visitor.

If you are interested in this scheme or want to know if a particular show has community tickets available please email

[email protected]

There are 3 ways in which a community ticket can be distributed:

  • The lead of the organisation identifies the recipients of the tickets and provides us with the contact details of the recipients and we will issue the tickets directly to the user.
  • The Creative Learning team distribute vouchers displaying a unique code and details of the event for which the Community Ticket is being offered which can be redeemed by the user in person at the theatre.
  • The organisation lead can be issued with a promo code which they can use to access the funded tickets for the user but is not passed to the user.

“My children enjoyed The Secret Garden and would love to go again to the theatre as they enjoyed the whole experience. My daughter in particular was thrilled to be there as a school friend was acting in the show. As for me, my first ever time to the theatre, was a great experience and I look forward to going again soon.”

Community Ticketing Recipient

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