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Creative outreach workshops were delivered at Julian Support, using its garden as inspiration to create imaginary landscapes and narratives, utilising story-telling skills to enable residents to tell stories important to them, inspired b their experiences.

This work identified existing creative skills and developed new ones (model-making, filming, creative writing, photography, drawing, and painting). The work empowered people to build and maintain the skills they need to enable them to live independent and meaningful lives.

“The engagement was responded to in a positive way by the people we work with, some who would not normally have attended such an activity. The way it was presented sought inclusivity due to its relaxed and inspiring atmosphere.”

Deputy Services Manager, Julian Support

This project developed people’s sense of the place in which they live and increased emotional safety through skills development and support. It celebrated difference, allowing participants to co-create and develop work as the project progressed, and raised self-esteem and self-worth through creative practices. Work provided participants with motivation to change their lives and further develop their skills and well-being to take control over their own lives.

Participants told us they would like this work to continue. In Summer 2023 participants worked with The Crafty Foxes to create a mini installation for the foyer and garden of Theatre Royal during the run of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Staff at Julian Support have told us how this work has improved the lives of participants and encouraged them to start to try to change their lives by further developing their skills and well-being and having control over their own lives. We have applied for further funding from West Suffolk Council to continue this.

“The workshops are a positive tick for recovery.”

Services Manager, Julian Support

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