The Hub

‘It has been the highlight of our year. We would dearly like to do more.
Karen Naylor, Group Coordinator

From 2016, Theatre Royal have worked closely with The Befriending Scheme in Bury St Edmunds to develop a new performance based around the theme of care home living, identified by participants living in them. During this year, expert performers, musicians and writers from The Hub devised a new production centred around a residential care home for dementia and depression sufferers.

‘I was born for this! This was the project I enjoyed the most since being at the hub. The part I most enjoyed was composing the original music but I enjoyed the performance too. I wouldn’t have done anything differently.
Darnell Sorrenti, Composer

This proved to be an ironic take on care home system – full of humour, music and plot intrigue – focused around what happens on that annual day out to the sea side. The group called themselves ‘The Hubbers Mummers’, and was guided by Danusia Iwaszko and Lucinda Meredith.

‘I liked how we became a group. I didn’t know some of the other names before this play. I’ve never done a play before. I was nervous but we were great. And the audience stood up at the end!
Joy Seeley, Hub Performer

During a six-month residency, the group created a rich and engaging set of characters, new writing and original music, whilst simultaneously increasing acting skills to develop a new piece of collaborative performance. The Hub have created two devised  productions with Theatre Royal and participants have shared the views to a wider audience of family, friends and stakeholders.

‘I’d definitely like to do more. I liked the singing but I also liked it when the audience laughed.
Robert Hawkins, Hub Performer

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