Until 21 June we are operating socially distanced bubble seating in the theatre.
To book a seat you must select ALL seats within that bubble.
If you get an error message it means you haven't booked ALL the seats in that bubble.
If there are no bubbles left of the size that you want please email telling us the number of seats you want and we can add you to a waiting list.
Thanks for your understanding.


Meet The Volunteer Walkers: Bury Physio!

As you may have seen, the 200 for 200 Sponsored Walk is being sponsored by Bury Physio. They have been instrumental in helping the theatre reach the goal of the 200th Anniversary Fund.



Bury Physio was established in 1987. With over 30 years of experience in service to the local community, Bury Physio is one of the largest and best resourced private physiotherapy clinics in East Anglia, providing assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services.


As well as supporting the walk as a whole, joining the walkers on Monday is Bury Physio owners Nicola and Andrew Hunter…and their dog Rocket! How lovely! Thank you Nicola and Andrew for your continued support and good luck on the walk! And you too, Rocket!

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