Until 21 June we are operating socially distanced bubble seating in the theatre.
To book a seat you must select ALL seats within that bubble.
If you get an error message it means you haven't booked ALL the seats in that bubble.
If there are no bubbles left of the size that you want please email telling us the number of seats you want and we can add you to a waiting list.
Thanks for your understanding.


New Push Buttons!

Much excitement in the Front of House department this week. We have, at last, had push buttons installed on our foyer doors. Historically, they’ve been on an automatic opener and have behaved in a very random fashion, notably letting all the warmth out of the building. You’ll no longer see Sue and her wonderful team huddled in scarves and gloves.

There’s a large, square button located centrally on the inner wall of the portico and another on the left of the doors inside. A gentle push on either of these will open the doors which then close automatically once you’re clear of them.

We are grateful to the National Trust for facilitating this improvement and now look forward to the anticipated drop in our fuel bill!

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