Resuable Plastic Glasses In The Greene Room Bar

Most will be familiar with the disposable plastic ‘glasses’ we provide to allow you to take your drinks into the auditorum.

These are single use and we throw away around 5,000 of each every year. They are recyclable but that’s still 10,000 items of plastic discarded after one use only.

As part of our Green Drive, we’ve invested in polycarbonate ‘glasses’ which are good for 500 spins through our glass washer and are then recycled at the end of their lives.

These are the ‘glasses’ that will be offered when you wish to take your drink with you into the auditorium. Please take them back to the bar when you’ve finished with them and don’t be tempted to drop them into a bin on your way out.

Along with our cardboard only skip, which has reduced the number of weekly bin collections, and the increased number of blue/green bins in the theatre, these glasses will help us make a genuine impact on the level of waste we send to landfill, reduce the number of trucks collecting from us and have a positive effect on our waste spend.

What’s not to like?

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