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From the writers of Round the Horne, Revisited and BBC’s My Family.

Comedy’s no laughing matter… ‘misleads’, ‘straight reverses’, ‘telegraphing’, ‘the rule of three’, ‘the law of C’, ‘jumping the shark’… these are the rules of comedy. You can’t just learn them. You have to live them. Five strangers gather in a conference room that is in need of improvement, but then again, so are our protagonists.

Despite their many differences, there is one thing that links Pam, Gavin, Morgan, Dale, and Amy. They all want to realise their dreams through comedy. Frank Donohue is the finest sitcom writer of his generation. He has flown in first class from Los Angeles to teach his five lucky disciples the tricks of the trade and maybe, if they have what it takes, he’ll show them the holy grail: how to write the perfect sitcom. As his seminar progresses we get a unique snapshot into the characters and discover that unlikely mix-ups, farcical set-pieces, and gut-wrenching tragedy exist in their everyday lives as much as it does on the page.

Inspired by comic greats John Sullivan (Only Fools and Horses) Tom Anderson (Cheers), and Brian Cooke (Man About The House).

Age Guidance: 12+

Saturday 28 January 2023
 Band A20+ Tickets LeftBand D16 Tickets Left
Full Price Ticket£17.00£10.80
Under 21 Ticket£10.80£10.80
Saturday 28 January 2023
 Band A20+ Tickets LeftBand D20 Tickets Left
Full Price Ticket£17.00£10.80
Under 21 Ticket£10.80£10.80

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