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Sleeping Beauty Rehearsals!

On Monday, the professional cast of this year’s panto were introduced to the staff of Theatre Royal for a meet and greet and the first read through of the script. Sat around in a circle, the cast joked back and forth and brought their characters to life in the Greene Room Bar. The first time the cast run through the script is always exciting for the cast themselves and also the staff. It’s the first time that they play with voices, facial expressions and intonation. It also gives our Director Karen Simpson and Assistant Director Julia Cave an idea of what they’re working with.


We are also delighted to announce that the role of Rupert has been cast! Joey Warne, an exciting and talented performer will be taking on the part. To find out more about the cast and their previous roles, head over to the show page and check out who is playing who!



A couple of long days of plotting and rehearsals later and the Young Chorus joined the cast! A talented group of 16 local young performers will perform alongside the professional cast in what is sure to be a truly magical production.




The whole team will be working long hours each day to perfect the scenes and individual characters whilst our creative, tech and wardrobe team create props, costumes and sets that will bring Burytonia to life!

Keep an eye on our blog for more exciting rehearsal and backstage news to come!

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