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We are so grateful to our wonderful Patrons, Friends, Donor Friends, Corporate Supporters and Major Donors for the ongoing support they give to Theatre Royal, without them we simply could not exist and we offer our heartfelt thanks to them.

Theatre Royal patrons and major donors

Joan Abbs, Matthew Abercrombie, Nancy Ackland-Lang, George Agnew and Adrian White, Jennifer and Nicholas Antill, Alix and Robert Ashton, Kit and Daria Aspen, The Association Management Company, Gary Avis MBE, Robert and Sally Baxter, Countess Helen Benckendorff, Christine Bird, Ben and Katie Birrell, Sarah Birrell, Derek Blake MBE and Valerie Blake, Stephen and Stephanie Bourne, Joy Bowes, Gyles Brandreth, Marie Brown and in memory of Tony Brown, Mary Burr, William and Lynn Cardale, Sir Geoffrey and Lady Cass, In Memory of Gordon Cawthorne MBE and Judith Cawthorne, Richard Chaplin, Christine Clark, Marcus and Sophie Codrington-Fernandez, Sian Couture, Louise Cramp, The Croft Family, Rev. David Crofts, Jane and Michael Crowe, Yvonne Curtis, Lady Mary Damerell, Piers Day, Nicholas Denyer, Nicki Dixon, Ian and Alison Duncan, Anthony and Celia Earl, Caitlin Evans, The Fabulous Fascia Co Ltd, Andrew Flatt, Emma Fisher, Vivien Gainsborough Foot, Fenella Ford, Keith and Mary Gallois, Sarah George, Jayne Gittus, Philip Glenister, Robert Glenister, Adrian Grady, Judith Grandi, Bryan Hamilton, Michael and Caren Harrington Spier, David and Gillian Hodge, Stephen Hubner, Sam Hughan, John Meers and Jo Holden, Debbie Hudd and in memory of Roy Hudd OBE, Eric and Hazel Humphreys, Karen and Antony Hurden, Sir Derek Jacobi CBE, Philip Jackson, Peter Jackson CBE and in memory of Ann Jackson, Jim and Carol Keohane, Fiona Langley, Nicholas Law and Susan Tanis,

Malcolm Leith and Amanda Wearing, Barry Lingwood, Bryan and Emma Littlefair, Andrew Long and Gina Long MBE, Karl and Annette Ludvigsen, Janet Martin, John Meers and Jo Holden, Julie Merrick, Nic and Kat Metcalfe, Gillian Morgan, Martin and Sylvia Moss, David and Pauline Mulley, Marguerite Nice, John and Maureen Orange, Irene and David Overman, Riccardo and Michaela Parfitt, Jeffrey Parker, Nicholas Pearson OBE and Fiona Pearson, Mark Pendlington DL, Heather Phillips, Steve Pickles, Mary Porch, Libby Purves OBE, Roger and Thelma Quince, Sue Rawlinson, Michael Redgrave, Mike and Kate Redmond, Jo St Clair Roberts, Susan Roberts, James Robertson, Paul Romaine, Michael and Margaret Rustin, Sue Scrivener, John Sergeant, Michael Shallow and Judith Shallow DL, Alice Sheepshanks, Graham Showell, Charles and Suzanne Simpson, Sue and Dick Soper, Simon Spence KC, Jo Stark, Sha Starr, Christian and Susan Stenderup, Richard and the late Heulwen Stewart, Steven and Kimonie Stroud, Meriel Sykes, David Taylor, Nick and Rosemary Thomson, Patricia Thompson CBE, Kate Thurman, Vincenzo Truncellito and Debbie Truncellito, Fiona Unwin, Terry Waite CBE, Julia Wakelam, Christine Webber, Peter Wenban and Sarah Wenban CBE, Deborah Williams, The Association Management Company, Theatre Royal Friends Committee.

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