Community Company (14-85)

Are you someone who lives locally with a passion for performing? Maybe you’re already part of an amateur dramatic company? Perhaps you’re at college or uni studying performing arts? Come and audition to be part of Theatre Royal’s summer production of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!

This year, we’re expanding our summer production to include six community members, aged 14-85, to form our community company playing The Lion, The Scarecrow, Mum, The North Witch, The Guard and The Medic. You’ll be performing alongside a cast of local young people and professional actors, and working with a team of theatre creatives.

Please note, our Community Company members will perform in every performance, with 7 shows per week. Applicants need to be the age of 14 by the start of rehearsals.



Applications Close: Fri 19 May

Auditions: Sat 3 Jun or Tue 6 Jun (eve)

Rehearsals: Mon 24 Jul – Thu 17 Aug (daytime, excluding weekends)

Performances: Fri 18 Aug – Sat 2 Sep (select afternoons & evenings)



THE LION (14+, any gender) – At the start of the play the lion is shy and fearful, described by others as cowardly and they have started to doubt themselves, often brought to tears in Act 1. But they have a big heart and through wanting the best for their friends finds their courage. Needs to be able to sing and dance.

THE SCARECROW (14+, any gender) – Only one day old the Scarecrow is a little ditzy, the farmer made them “with an empty head” and so Scarecrow thinks they need to find some brains in order to be a good Scarecrow. Through Scarecrow’s innocence they are a funny, inquisitive character unsure of who and what things are around them. Needs to be able to sing and dance.

THE GUARD (14+, any gender) – The Guard is irritable and aggressive, they guard the door to Oz and lead the principle characters to meet Oz.

THE MEDIC (14+, any gender) – The Medic looks after Dorothy’s mum in hospital, a cold and foreboding character.

THE NORTH WITCH (40+, female) – Sister of the Wicked Witch of the East. An eccentric character who introduces Dorothy to Oz and gives a flavour of this upside-down new world. Must be a strong singer as there is a solo number “Introducing Oz” performed by the North Witch.

THE MUM (30+, female) – Dorothy’s mother. A warm, kind character who loves Dorothy dearly. There is a slightly mystical side to this role as there is an ambiguity around whether she has, or hasn’t been to Oz.



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