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Work Experience Week

This week we have 5 students with us for work experience.

Why did they choose to come to Theatre Royal?

‘I chose to come here for my work experience as I have always had a passion for the stage. I thought that it would be good to gain an insight of what goes on behind the spotlight.’

‘I chose to do my work experience at Theatre Royal because I’m interested to learn about how a show is put together which includes marketing and set design.’

They spent the morning with the Marketing Department learning about show campaigns.

‘This was good because I hadn’t thought much about the marketing aspect of theatre beforehand.’

‘I learnt the different types of advertisement they use to get the word out about the theatre. There are different types of advertisement that the theatre use and it was a real insight into what happens behind the scenes.’

‘I have learnt a lot about  different aspects to do with marketing that I perhaps didn’t realise before.’

The afternoon was spent using their skills

”I researched different ways of advertising on the popular social media site Snapchat in order to target a younger audience. I then went on to help set up an account and creating a geofilter for the theatre.’

‘I took photos around the theatre of different parts of it from different perspectives. Including the backstage area and equipment which you don’t see normally when you’re waiting for a show.’

‘Designed an advert for Our Day Out. This was fun as I have done this kind of thing on Photoshop before so I was comfortable with the features and was able to play around with them.’


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