‘Where’s Santa?’ A Magical Christmas Cabin – FAQs

Posted on: 10th October, 2022

Where is the Christmas Cabin?

Theatre Royal’s Christmas Cabin is located in Bury St Edmunds’ Charter Square, near Wagamama and Costa. Please give yourself plenty of time to locate the Christmas Cabin to ensure you don’t miss your timeslot.

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When should I arrive?

The timeslot shown on your ticket is the start time of Where’s Santa? Please do not arrive any earlier than this.

  • Arrive EARLY – aim to arrive at the cabin at least 15 minutes before the start time on your ticket. If you’re late, we cannot guarantee entry.
  • At the ARC – this performance is taking place at the CHRISTMAS CABIN in the ARC SHOPPING CENTRE, it is NOT at Theatre Royal.

Where can I park?

If you are traveling by car, we would recommend the following car parks:

Cattle Market Car Park (IP33 3DJ) – 3-minute walk approx.

Parkway Multi Storey Car Park (IP33 3BA) – 7-minute walk approx.


Is the Christmas Cabin wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the Christmas Cabin can accommodate wheelchair users when capacity allows. Contact our Box Office to let them know your needs and we’ll find a timeslot for you.


Can under 2’s attend Where’s Santa?

Babes in arms are allowed, however, the Christmas Cabin isn’t able to accommodate pushchairs or prams, these must be left outside in the designated pram park.


Can over 7’s attend Where’s Santa?

Where’s Santa? is aimed at 2-7-year olds. Children over the age of 7 are welcome and would require a ticket but please note the performance is aimed at younger audiences.


What happens if I miss my time slot?

We ask that you aim to arrive 15 minutes before your selected timeslot. Late arrivals will not be permitted entry to their missed timeslot. If you are delayed and miss your timeslot’s scheduled start time (as it appears on your ticket) we cannot guarantee you entry to another timeslot.


Will we meet Santa and receive a gift?

Where’s Santa? is a storytelling performance centred around a story of searching for and discovering our missing Santa, it is not a grotto. The performance will lead to the children being greeted by and spoken to by Santa as part of the interactive story but they will not have specific one-to-one time with Santa as he will be very busy! The ticket price includes a small edible takeaway at the end of the experience.


How long will we have with Santa?

Where’s Santa? is a storytelling performance for children that lasts for 20 minutes. During this time, children will be encouraged to find Santa who, when found, will greet and speak to the children as part of the interactive story. Where’s Santa? is a performance.


Will I be allowed to take photos?

Photography is not allowed inside the Christmas Cabin as this could spoil the surprise and magic for other families. Where’s Santa? is a live storytelling being performed for children and should not be interrupted. We would instead encourage you to take it all in, watch and enjoy the magic as it unfolds.

You will be allowed to take photos outside of the Christmas Cabin to share with your friends and family.


Can we buy tickets on the day?

All tickets must be purchased by 6am on the day of the chosen performance. If there are any tickets remaining after this time, there may be the option to purchase them on the door. However, we cannot guarantee that if you turn up without a ticket there will be any left available to buy. The Christmas Cabin has limited capacity so buy your tickets early to avoid disappointment.


Will there be a relaxed performance?

Yes, Sunday 18th at 11.30am will be a relaxed performance.


What is a relaxed performance?

A relaxed performance is designed to make the performance more comfortable, inclusive, and accessible. As the word “relaxed” implies, we aim to make the performance a casual experience to ensure everyone present is comfortable. Relaxed performances are for anyone but particularly those who experience sensory overload. This may be due to an underlying learning disability or other differences. In a world that is getting busier, noisier, brighter, and more crowded our relaxed performances offer a space that is chilled.

What will be different about the relaxed performance compared to other performances?

The lighting might be less dramatic, the volume will be quieter and visitors should feel free to leave and re-enter the performance as many times as they like.  There will also be a slightly reduced capacity compared to other performances.

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